Your restaurant concept has passed the test in the local market – and you’re ready to expand! And while greater success appears on the horizon, there are plenty of obstacles ahead that can consume your time and effort. The key to success: maintain your focus, especially with controlling your overhead. With nearly one-third of your sales going to food purchases, you have to find a way to keep those costs low and your inventory manageable.


With an inventory of over 12,000 products, we can bundle the right combination to fit your special concept and ensure our service level commitment. From fresh meats and produce, dairy and frozen foods to janitorial supplies, kitchenware and paper products, we have what you need. We’ve forged strong partnerships with national companies like ConAgra, Simplot, Tyson and Sara Lee – names you know and trust for high-quality products. These relationships with national brands can impact your bottom line. We can deliver their products to you at competitive prices.


PowerNet, our exclusive web-based ordering system, puts you in greater control of your products and inventory. With PowerNet, you can:

  • Set PAR levels – even for different days of the week – for all your locations
  • View current product availability
  • Customize and print inventory guides that match your storerooms and coolers
  • Monitor and set controls on ordering from multiple locations
  • Receive individual confirmations for all your locations’ orders
  • Track items for coupon redemption
  • View statements online
  • Track your truck
  • See scanned invoices online


It’s your business to grow. We provide you some exciting management tools to help you do just that. Meal Ticket, our business intelligence system, enables you to “keep an eye on your business” with up-to-date information that helps you control costs and manage your menu. And speaking of your menu, we have state-of-the-art software that will help you build and cost it out. We also provide one-on-one consultation and periodic business reviews with our trained menu specialists to help make sure you’re maximizing your profitability and meeting your expectations.


Yes, we’re driven – we work hard every day to go the extra mile for our customers. And that means all of us, every one of our 800 employees. Our drivers don’t just drive – each one receives extensive training and undergoes regular performance reviews to ensure your delivery arrives safely, on time and placed per your preferences. Our managers and sales associates have pledged to find a way to say “yes” to whatever you need and want, and will spend extra time with you before one of our food show promotions to maximize your savings potential and meet your expectations. Behind the scenes, we have an experienced team on the hunt for manufacturers’ deals and rebates, as well as deviation procuring and item tracking for pricing breaks, to help you minimize your costs.


When it comes to managing your deliveries, you’re in control. We work with you to set the window for delivery and we make it happen – that’s our pledge to you.

Merchants Foodservice serves the greater Southeastern region through a distribution chain linked by four strategically-located distribution centers. These facilities utilize a voice activation system that ensures your order is filled accurately and efficiently. Your order will come to you via one of our advanced multi-temp trucks. You’ll get it within your delivery window, with each item as fresh as possible.


With Merchants Foodservice, you deal with:

  • One Distributor
  • One Account Manager
  • One Centralized Purchasing and Reporting Source
  • One Consistent Standard of Quality


From our beginnings in 1904 as a local, Mississippi-based food supplier, we’re now a regional distributor with nearly a billion dollars in annual sales – and growing. We haven’t forgotten, though, the secret of our success: we’re still family-owned and customer-focused. That means we’re large enough to stay competitive, yet flexible enough to react quickly to the ever-changing foodservice industry. That means we can make quick decisions on your behalf, and respond quickly to YOUR unique needs. We’re taking these core strengths and not only building on them, but building out with them – to offer our competitive edge to customers beyond the 12 states we currently serve. That’s why since 1990 we’ve extended our distribution network by strategically locating centers throughout the region. Our goal is simple – to provide our customers with the highest and freshest quality products with on-time deliveries wherever they do business.


I will give my customers the highest level of personal attention.
I will provide quality products and services to make my customers’ lives easier.
I will always do what I say I will do, whatever it takes.
I will find a way to say “yes.”