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Invested in Our Community

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Solutions for Everyone


  • All Merchants Foodservice distribution centers have retained the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution issued by the British Retail Consortium,...

  • Healthy snacks are leading to healthy sales with a $90 billion snack industry, with such healthy conscious items accounting for 20 percent of products...

  • From Kellogg’s. Just like commercial foodservice operations, school cafeterias must entice students to make the choice to buy breakfast and lunch in-h...


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We’re in the business of making lives better. That’s why we take our jobs to heart, ensuring timely delivery, courtesy, quality, and product safety.
Merchants Foodservice
Merchants FoodserviceFriday, July 20, 2018
Hash browns aren't just for breakfast anymore! Trends show that there is a growing demand for a "breakfast burger" on menus. Use our delicious Bountiful Harvest hash browns, teamed with a fried egg and bacon on a burger patty to create one of your own! Ask a Merchants sales rep for more information today! #Hashbrowns #BigM #BreakfastBurger
Merchants Foodservice
Merchants FoodserviceThursday, July 19, 2018
Preserve quality and flavor by keeping your food covered and wrapped with ProPak! For more information and a complete list of our ProPak products, contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives! #Kitchen #Wrap #BigM #ProPak