At Merchants Foodservice, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service while maintaining a proactive approach to sustainability and social responsibilities.

We have invested time and resources into the following energy management and efficiency initiatives:

Merchants Food Service Think Green


Recycling sustains our environment by reducing waste and re-utilizing natural resources. At Merchants, we take our enviroment impact seriously. We have teamed up with a local recycling company and installed a baler in three of our facilities. Currently, we recycle wooden pallets, plastic shrink wrap, plastic containers, cardboard, paper, cans, glass and other containers.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Controlling energy consumption is an important aspect of environmental preservation. In 2010, Merchants replaced all warehouse lighting with the highest energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. Along with the new bulbs, the lights in the warehouse and freezer are cycled on and off, reducing the heat generated by the bulbs.


Our transportation routing system optimizes the quickest and most precise travel times and distances to delivery locations, which reduces fossil fuel consumption. This system, called Roadnet®, was created by UPS Logistics Technologies to increase customer service, decrease distribution costs and reduce environmental impact.  Other initiatives we are taking in transportation include:

  • Invested in newer model equipment with the latest fuel saving technology.
  • Our trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking capabilities to monitor routes being traveled and traffic delays encountered by our drivers. Along with the routing system, this helps reduce the amount of fuel being consumed and the Merchants carbon footprint.
  • Speed gauge monitors allow us to coach drivers on improving driving habit and reducing fuel consumption.
  • Idle shutdown timers shut down the truck engine after 5 minutes of idle time.
  • Implemented mandatory motor oil conversion on all 2010 and newer model tractors from 15W-40 to 10W-30 motor oil, which will increase fuel economy 2 to 4 percent.
  • Installed wind fairings on all tractors to lower wind resistance.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System lengthens the life of tires.
  • Our tractors have progressive shifting programmed into the engine control, forcing the driver to shift at the optimum speed for fuel economy.
  • Installed auto stop-start in the trailer refrigeration units that maintain correct temperature and cycle off the engine to save fuel.

Facilities and Equipment

Merchants Foodservice also chooses to go the extra mile to sustain our environment when cleaning and maintaining our facilities and equipment. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that we are not contributing to undue groundwater pollution. Additionally, we use biodegradable fluids in our dock equipment.


Merchants Foodservice publishes many of our forms as electronic documents, saving the electricity and paper use of printing. In addition, our customers can access statements and invoices online through the Customer Portal which reduced number of printed pages. Our sales force has also transitioned to mostly digital marketing communications.


At Merchants Foodservice, we don’t believe in measuring success with just profit margins, but with character, responsibility and sustainability. That is why we make a conscious effort to partner with companies who share our vision on protecting and ensuring the health of the environment and ensuring a better future for the generations to come. To show a small glimpse into our efforts and those of our partners, please click on the links below:

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