Merchants Foodservice Celebrates Driver Appreciation Week!

At Merchants Foodservice, we can’t say enough about how great our drivers are, and how much we appreciate them. That’s why when Driver Appreciation Week came along this September, we didn’t miss the opportunity to express our gratitude.

Everyone in the Big M Family joined in the celebration of our drivers, and took the time to show their appreciation for all their hardwork and dedication. From customers and sales representatives, to our CEO & President, Andy Mercier. Everyone got in on the fun and showed our drivers why Merchants Foodservice is so thankful for them!

The appreciation doesn’t just last during Driver Appreciation Week though. We encourage everyone out there to take the time to thank a driver when you have the chance. The brave weather, traffic and tough schedules to ensure we all have the food and products we use daily! So take a moment and greet them with a smile and the gift of gratitude!