Success is in the Snacks!

Healthy snacks are leading to healthy sales with a $90 billion snack industry, with such healthy conscious items accounting for 20 percent of products and 70 percent of dollar sales growth.

Some growth leaders include are paleo (116.2 percent), organic (9.8 percent), and those that are labeled non-GMO (12.1 percent), allergy friendly (13 percent), and fair trade (13 percent).

The rice cake segment is the quickest growing category with sales spiking 45.7 percent, followed by frozen desserts, up 17.7 percent, and candy, growing 11.7 percent.

On the sweets side, candies making paleo and keto claims are appealing to consumers who adhere to these lifestyles, and specialty chocolate bites in resealable bags, such as sea salt caramel bites, allow for sharing and moderation.